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Location and Area
Location & Area
Date: 2009-06-06
Kinmen is located off the southeastern coast of Fujian Province in Xiamen Bay at the outlet to the Jiulong River. This area includes Kinmen Island, Lieyu (also known as Little Kinmen), Dadan, and Erdan, of a total of twelve islands and islets. These islands and islets cover an area of 150 square kilometers. To the west, at a distance of about 10 kilometers, is the Xiamen outport. To the east, at a distance of 277 kilometers, is Taiwan. This area is approximately at the same latitude as the Taichung area.

Kinmen National Park covers the center of Kinmen Island as well as the northwestern, southwestern and northeastern corners, the around-the-island highway on Lieyu (Little Kinmen) and surrounding areas. Kinmen National Park can be divided into the Kinmen Harbor following areas: Mt. Taiwu, Guningtou, Gukang, Mashan and Lieyu (Little Kinmen), The park is spread out over 3,780 hectares, or about 1/4 of the area of Kinmen and Little Kinmen islands.

To fulfill the goals of conservation, research and recreation, the parks land was divided into four types, based on Article 12 of the National Park Act. These include special scenic areas, historical preservation areas, recreational areas and general restricted areas.
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