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Newly Documented for Kinmen, Red-billed Leiothrix Sighted in Zhongshan Forest

Date: 2019-04-17

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An unidentified bird was found in the offices at Kinmen National Park on the morning of June 12 after the bird collided into a pane of glass. The bird was placed on the lawn, from which it flew away soon after recovery. It was later confirmed that this bird was a red-billed leiothrix. One previous sighting in Kinmen had also been documented by bird watchers in late April, 2015. This was the second sighting on record.

Distribution of the red-billed leiothrix covers the southeast coasts of China as well as regions further inland. The leiothrix is a resident bird in Xiamen and is often seen in parks, on campus trees, and near potted plants on apartment balconies in Taiwan. In its original habitat, the species group into small flocks around shrubs, bamboo forest floors, and near the ground. The leiothrix also forms mixed-species flocks with other small birds. It is an omnivorous bird that feeds on insects, larva, and the fruits and seeds of plants.