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Kinmen National Park Organizes "Divining an Auspicious Space for Dwelling - Traditional Houses in Kinmen" Film Premiere.

Date: 2019-04-17

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Kinmen National Park Administration will be holding the premiere screenings for "Divining an Auspicious Space for Dwelling - Traditional Houses in Kinmen" at Zhongshanlin Visitor Center, Auditorium 1 at 10:00 AM, March 16th (Wednesday), and Eslite Xinyi Taipei, 6th Floor at 2:00 PM, March 18th (Friday). Invitations are extended to all.

Although Kinmen is situated at the very outskirts of the Minnan region, historical circumstances have enabled the preservation of some of the most vibrant and unblemished traditional Minnan settlements and residential buildings among all of southern Fujian and Taiwan. After 1949, Kinmen became the frontline of Nationalist and Communist conflicts and Cold War military operations, hence the implementation of several decades of war zone administrative policies. Low levels of civilian development, however, have enabled Kinmen to wholly preserve its traditional settlements and Minnan culture.

When Kinmen National Park was first founded, one of its most important missions was to preserve the 12 traditional settlements and more than 1000 buildings within its perimeters. After years of research and filming, Kinmen National Park Administration has finally completed the "Divining an Auspicious Space for Dwelling - Traditional Houses in Kinmen" documentary film. Through this film, it is hoped that others may learn about the essence of traditional architecture and understand the unique features of Eastern architecture through the comparison of buildings in the East and West. The title of the film, "Divining an Auspicious Space for Dwelling," pays homage to the desire of early settlers to build a "home" that would be a place of safety and comfort. From the selection of location to construction and finally completion, each tiny detail reveals the incorporation of environmental ethics into rules of architecture.

To preserve and revitalize traditional buildings, Kinmen National Park has restored over 70 old houses over the past two decades. Increased restoration subsidies also enhance the willingness of homeowners to repair their ancestral homes. This will enable their descendants in generations to come to continue living in their local communities and perpetuate the cultural legacies of their ancestors. The "Old house Guest House" re-purpose model is achieved by restoring traditional buildings to their original appearance and fitting the interiors with modern amenities, then commissioning guest house operations to professional management. After over a decade of promotions, local industries have been successfully revitalized, while an ever growing population is gaining awareness of and appreciation for the preservation of traditional settlements

Join us and enjoy the beauty of Kinmen architecture at the "Divining an Auspicious Space for Dwelling - Traditional Houses in Kinmen" film premiere.