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Kinmen National Park Administration to Undertake Refurbishment Work of Mashan Broadcasting Station, Temporary Closure of Mashan Observation Station

Date: 2019-04-17

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The Kinmen National Park Administration will be undertaking the "Mashan Broadcasting Station Refurbishment Work" in order to improve the quality of leisure service. The construction period is taking place from November 18, 2015 to December 18, 2015. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Kinmen National Park Administration indicated that the Mashan area is a major attraction of the Kinmen National Park. In its early days, it was the location of an important military base, as it is located on the closest point to mainland China from the island of Kinmen. As such, it served as the front-line base during the conflict era, hence also known as the "First Outpost of the Land." In the past, it was also where psychological warfare took place through broadcasts to the opposite shore; it was also where the late famous singer Teresa Teng broadcasted her songs and voice to mainland China.

Currently, the interior of the Mashan Broadcasting Station is partially open to the public, attracting a large number of visitors daily. Yet, due to the age and the disrepair of facilities, repair work is required to improve the overall environment and to increase public safety. Due to safety concerns, the area will be closed during the construction period (from November 18 to December 18). We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.