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Kinmen National Park open during Lunar New Year Visitors welcome!!

Date: 2020-01-22

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Kinmen retained its original ecological environment due to the presence of military bases and also saw its historical role transformed by the lifting of martial law. Kinmen National Park was established on October 18, 1995 and was Taiwan’s eighth national park its first national park with the mission of preserving battleground sites and cultural sites as well as conserving natural resources. The park accounts for around one quarter of Kinmen’s total area.

Kinmen National Park Headquarters stated that apart from being closed on Lunar New Year’s Eve (January 24) for cleaning, the various visitor centers and exhibition halls will be open from January 25 (Lunar New Year’s Day) to January 29 (fifth day of the Lunar New Year), from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Winter is the best bird watching time on Kinmen; it has over 300 bird species and can be said to be a paradise for ornithologists. As the weather turns cold, flock after flock of birds fly down from the north and the sky over Kinmen is filled with flocks of birds. One of the most eye-catching birds of Kinmen is the cormorant. Every day at dusk they fly in large numbers to their nests in the Beef Tree woods at Ci Lake from the sea. The scene presented by the cormorants flying in the sunset and the sky linking into the sea is regarded as the most enchanting winter scene in Kinmen. 

When visiting Kinmen, the numerous battleground sites should not be missed. From January 25 to 27 (the first day to third day of the Lunar New Year,) if visitors go to the Boat-Shaped Fortress to check in and give a like, then they can pick up a limited edition color postcard. The postcards are limited in number and only available while stocks last. Visitors are welcome to come with family and friends.
Some guesthouses in traditional buildings will also stay open during the New Year. Those interested in staying in a guesthouse in a traditional house can contact homestays directly to book a room on the national park’s old house guesthouse website (http://guesthouse.kmnp.gov.tw).

In the Lunar New Year period the national park attracts a large number of visitors, therefore the Headquarters will implement traffic dispersal measures in coordination with the Kinmen County Police Department  and the 4th Brigade of the 7th Headquarters of the Special Police of the Ministry of the Interior. Also, in coordination with the Kinmen Defense Command, January 25-29 and February 1-2, the roads on either side of Taiwu Public Cemetry will be opened as temporary car parks for hill walkers(see map below). Visitors heading here for recreation are asked to pay attention to traffic disperal matters and to also use public transport.

The Lunar New Year period is the Kinmen northeast monsoon season. The Headquarters reminds visitors to bring warm clothes and their own personal medicines and to pay attention to traffic safety. Travel information for the national park can be obtained on the official website (http://www.kmnp.gov.tw) or by calling the enquiry line on[KL1] :
Qingtian Hall, Mingde Park and the Mine-clearing Brigde Museum[fh2]  are open January 25 to 29 (Lunar New Year’s Day to the fifth day of the new year) during the Lunar New Year period. For details about visiting, please contact the Tourism Department, Kinmen County Government (082-372462).
Guided Tour  
1.082-313191Zhongshanlin Visitor Center
2.082-313197Rushan Visitor Center
3.082-313250Bicycle Story House
4.082-330599August 23rd Artillery Battle Museum
5.082-337836Mr.Yu Da-wei Memorial Hall
6.082-336576Kinmen Guest House
7.082-337839Military Brothel Exhibition Hall
8.082-337833      Qionglin Civil Defense Exhibition Hall
9.082-313090Chiang Ching-Kuo Memorial Hall
10.082-354441Shanhou Folk Culture Village
11.082-313271Shuangli Wetlands Nature Center
12.082-313274Guningtou Battle Museum
13.082-313241Zhaishan Tunnel
14.082-313238General Hu Lian Memorial Hall
15.082-313281Overseas Chinese Culture Exhibition Hall
16.082-321103Deyue Tower Exhibition Hall
17.082-313282Jinshui Elementary School Exhibition Hall
18.082-364405Lieyu Visitor Center
19.082-364403Hujingtou Battle Museum
20.082-364412Lieyu L-13 Camp

1.Mashan Broadcast station
2.Mashan Observation Post
3.Mashan Triangle Fortress
4.Chua Kah Cheong Memorial House
5.W13 Camp
6.W27 Camp
7.Cihu Triangle Fortress
8.Cihu Interpretation station
9.Gugang Tower
10.W-16 Camp
11.Jiugong Tunnel ; Siwei Tunnel
12.General Fortress
13.L-26 Camp
14.Lieyu L-36 Camp
15.Vessel shape fortress