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Home FAQ Can you please describe the contents of duties for the units of Kinmen National Park Headquarters?

Can you please describe the contents of duties for the units of Kinmen National Park Headquarters?

The contents of duties for each unit are described as follow:

1.Planning and Management Section: Responsible for the planning, review and changing of national park projects; in charge of auditing, monitoring , and management of land-use applications; establishing and interpretation of park regulations, and coordination with the relevant agencies within the national park.
2.Environmental Maintenance Section: Responsible for the planning, design, contracting, supervising, construction maintenance and other related matters regarded to the battlefields, cultural and historical assets recovery, resource protection facilities, recreation facilities, public facilities, interpretation facilities, security facilities, roads and other accessory constructions within the national park.
3.Recreation Service Section: Duties include visitor control, recreation planning and tourism management.
4.Conservation and Research Section: Duties include investigation and research of the historical battles, cultural relics, folk heritage, natural landscape and the ecosystem within the national park. Other responsibilities include the review and planning of conservation measures, tree planting management, etc.
5.Interpretation and Education Section: Planning and design of the national park interpretation system, interpretation training, printing of interpretation information, visitor interpretation service, information center management, and the promotion of natural and human resources protection.
6.Management Stations: Comprehensive management of the given area, recreation service, interpretation education, promotion of resource conservation, environmental cleaning and maintenance.
7.Secretariat: Responsible of managing information, documents, archives, registrations, property, vehicles, general affairs, purchase affairs, etc.
8.Accounting Office: Responsible of budget estimation and final account, reparation and reporting of funds, implementation control, property monitoring and auditing according to law.
9.Personnel Office: Duties include personnel, organization, removal, relocation, and other personnel services according to law.

Last edition:2020-07-04