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Home FAQ Where are bicycle rental services located in Kinmen?

Where are bicycle rental services located in Kinmen?

For bicycle rental information, you can go to the Kinmen tourism website (http://tour.kinmen.gov.tw/) and Jincheng Township Office of Kinmen County website (http://www.kincheng.gov.tw/). Since 2007, the Kinmen National Park and Kinmen County Government introduced the Guningtou Battlefield bus tour route, Shuitou Village -Zhaishan Tunnel bicycle route and Lesser Kinmen tank road bicycle, provided with bicycle rental service. Visitors are welcome to you the above resources. (Our website: http://www.kmnp.gov.tw/) Telephone numbers of various site locations in Kinmen National Park

Shuangli Wetlands Nature Center: 082-313271
Jinshui Elementary School: 082-313281, 082-313282
Zhaishan Tunnel: 082-313241
Lieyu Visitor Center: 082-364405, 082-364406
Kinmen County bicycle: service information: (Information source: Kinmen) 
Sanhao Bike Rental: 082-372136
Dahua Bike Rental: 082-326626
Meilida Bike Rental: 082-322305
Feihu Bike Rental: 082-332007
Jinggong Bike Rental: 082-352835
Last edition:2020-07-05