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Summer Season, Three Day Tour.

Route planning
Day 1
Kinman Airport-Jhong Shan Lin Visitor Center- Cyong Lin Settlement,(Civil Defense Museum, Civil Defense Tunnel, Wind Lion God Statue )-Ma Shan Observation Station-Broadcast Wall-- Lunch--Shan Hou Folk Culture Village (Hai Zhu Hall, Wang's Ancestral Hall, Xiqing Pavilion)-Gu Ning Tou Battle Museum-Bei Shan Old Western Style House- Shuang Yu Wetland Nature Center- Ci Hu Fortress- Dinner- Hou Pu Cultural Town

Day 2
Shui Tou Village (Jin Shui School, De Yue Tower, Overseas Chinese Cultural Exhibition Hall)- Shui Tou Ma Tou harbor- take the ferry to Lie Yu - Lie Yu Visitor Center, Jiu Gong Tunnel-Lunch-Hu Jing Tou Battle Museum-Take the ferry back to Shui Tou-Zhai Shan Tunnel- Ju Guang Tower- Hou Hu Waterfront Park- Dinner

Day 3
Chingtien Hall- Mine Clearing Brigade Museum- Ming De Park- Taiwu Mountain Trail- August 23rd Artillary Battle Museum-Lunch-Kinmen Guest House- Military Brothel Exhibition Hall- Ru Shan Visitor Center
Travel exhort
​Tips For Tourists:
1) The opening hours of the exhibition halls in the Kinman National Park are 08.30~17 ,(Except for New Years Eve), open every day, during july~August summer vacation will stay open till 18.00.
2) Bring national ID, (For handicapped, bring disability card, for children bring original household registration), foreign nationals please bring passport.
3) Kinmen is easily affected by the weather during spring season, making smooth flying operations  impossible; advise you check the weather forecast a day before you depart to understand local the temperature .