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Kinmen Two day Tour ( for handicapped access)

Route planning
Day 1: Kinman Airport-Jhong Shan Lin Visitor Center, (travel time by vehicle, 7 minutes, visiting time 30 minnutes)-Bicycle Museum-(walk 5 minutes, visiting time 10 minutes)-Lunch in Jin Cheng City, (travel time by vehicle 10 minutes-Hu Lien Memorial Hall ,(travel time by vehicle 7 minutes, visiting time 30 minutes)-Gu Ning Tou Battle Museum, (travel time by vehicle 2 minutes, visiting time 40 minutes)-Shuang Yu lake Nature Center, (travel time by vehicle 3 minutes, visiting time 40 minutes- Ci Hu , (travel time by vehicle 5 minutes, visiting time 15 minutes)-Dinner in Jin Cheng City, (travel time by vehicle by vehicle 10 minutes)- Accommodation in Jin Cheng City.

Day 2:
Hotel-Huitou Settlement,  (De Yue tower) (travel time by vehicle 10 minutes, visiting time 30 minutes)  Cyong Lin Civil Defense Museum ,(travel time by vehicle 25 minutes, visiting time 20 minutes)-Lunch in Shan Wai City, (travel time by vehicle minutes), August 23rd Artillary Battle Museum, (travel time by vehicle 5 minutes, visiting time 40 minutes)-Yu Da Wei Memorial Hall ( walk for 3 minutes, visiting time 30 minutes) -Kinmen Guest House, (travel time by vehicle 5 minutes, visiting time 30 minutes)-Ru Shan Visitor Center (travel time by vehicle 6 minutes, visiting time 30 minutes)-Jiang Jing Guo Memorial Hall-(walk for 5 minutes, travel time by vehicle 30 minutes)-Kinmen Airport, (travel time by vehicle 7 minutes, :return)
Travel exhort
Travel by vehicle:  It means that if there is a distance between attractions a vehicle is necessary.
On foot: It means if there is a short distance between attractions, it can be reached in a few minutes.

Tips For Tourists:
1) The opening hours of the exhibition halls in the Kinman national park: 08.30~17 (Except for New Years Eve, open every day, during july~August summer vacation will stay open till 18.00.
2) Most buildings and exihibition halls in the Kinmen Park are military buildings and traditional structures from an earlier era, making it hard to provide full service to the handicapped, only partial service is offered to the handicapped. 
3) The hotels and homestay residences in Kinmen on average cannot provide rooms for the handicapped, can only offer partial facilities.
4) In the winter the temperature in Kinmen is 12 degrees celsius, the wind is strong and it is cold, must take care to have warm clothes.
5)Kinmen is easily affected by the weather during spring season, making smooth flying operations  impossible; the buses are regularly scheduled, pay attention to the departure times. It is recommended you drive by yourself.