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Kinmen National Park Headquarters’ Ancient Trail Exploration Scenic Spots-Gugang Cultural History Short Trip Gugang activity lets everyone have a fun-filled Christmas

The Ancient Trail Exploration, Scenic Spots-Gugang Cultural History Short Trip Gugang activity was held by Kinmen National Park HQ and Gugang Community Development Association on December 24. In combination with local resources and features, it took groups of people deep into the settlement and gave them a DIY experience. 62 participants had an in-depth visit to the culturally-rich settlement of Gugang, tasted home style local dishes and spent an interesting and rewarding time on a cold winter day.

In 1959, when bunkers were being built, the tomb of King Lu of the Ming Dynasty and his epitaph were found, stunning all of Taiwan and solving the mystery of the interaction between King Lu and Koxinga. Today, the stone stele with the characters Han Ying Yun Yin and a cluster of over a dozen stone steles left by Koxinga’s father in law scholar Dong Yangxian can still be seen on the village’s Liangshan. The national park HQ hoped to show participants the fine scenery and rich culture of their homeland through onsite visits in this activity.

In this activity, local interpreters guided participants on an in-depth visit to local historic sites dating back to the Ming-Qing periods and also visited Gugang Tower and walked on the round-lake trail, enjoying the beautiful lake and sea and sky scenery.

This activity also involved beekeeping and agri-food education which have been promoted in Gugang in recent years. Using fun and easy to understand method, adults and children made unique honey scented wax tablets together, enjoying a rewarding fun Christmas in the cold of winter.