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Kinmen National Park Headquarters reopens multimedia rooms in response to the easing of the pandemic

Date: 2020-06-01

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For epidemic prevention in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic, Kinmen National Park Headquarters temporarily closed all the multimedia rooms at its various sites on April 25. With the epidemic now easing, to pay attention to both epidemic prevention and people’s life quality and to attract more visitors to Kinmen to enjoy its outlying island characteristics, the multimedia rooms at all the Headquarters’ sites will be reopened on June 1, allowing visitors to watch films. However, temperature checks and real name registration are still in place for visitors to indoor spaces. Also, stores that the Headquarters rents out such as Zhaishan and Kinmen Guesthouse will also reopen on June 1 in response to the Kinmen County Government’s economic revitalization policy. Many other homestays and stores are open. Visitors are welcome.

Kinmen National Park Headquarters stated that, in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior’s economic revitalization measures, four homestays and stores rented out by Headquarters in the park have joined the “Taiwan National Parks Travel Passport”; 39 businesses are expected to join when the new version is issued in July. The main themes of this promotional activity are stamp collecting and in-store discounts. For more information about related special offers, please go to “Taiwan National Parks Travel Passport FB” or the Taiwan National Park website. Visitors and locals are invited to take advantage of the special offers that are available.