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No plan for leasing out Cihu Wetland

Date: 2020-06-08

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Cihu (Ci Lake) Wetland in Jinning Township is a wetland of national importance that has multiple functions including ecological, flood prevention and water purification, and it is also a special scenic area in the national park. There is no plan to lease it out. Apart from ordinary operation and management, to protect the environment, removal of illegal nets will be enhanced to ensure the ecological completeness of Cihu (Ci Lake).

Recently, Kinmen National Park Headquarters has received a number of calls from people asking if there is a plan to lease out Cihu. Cihu is special scenic area in the national park and the law does not allow catching of fish and certainly does not allow it to be leased out.

The park headquarters stated that Cihu, in the northwest corner of Kinmen, was originally a bay but was turned into a lake by building a dyke for strategic reasons. It is now a semi-open saltwater water body. It is highly productive and suitable for the growth of aquatic creatures; as it is a rich source of food, it is the home of many birds and is a wetland of national importance and one reason why Kinmen is regarded as a birdwatcher’s paradise and a “conservation island”. Cihu is an important ecological tourism resource. It also has ecological conservation, environmental education, recreational service, water storage and flood prevention and various other functions.

To protect the functions of the Cihu Wetland in terms of ecology and people’s daily lives, the Headquarters stressed that Cihu is not being leased out as is rumored and that it will continue to remove illegal fishing nets together with the National Park Police. It called on people to not set nets to catch aquatic creatures because this  interferes with normal bird activity and causes competition and damage in the food chain that changes the ecological environment. The Headquarters hopes that everyone can care about and protect the ecological environment of Kinmen together, letting the rich ecological resources of Cihu be a good habitat for birds and aquatic creatures.