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Everyone welcome to attend the Kinmen National Park 2019 Conservation Results Presentation Meeting

Date: 2020-06-12

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With the aim of promoting the use and exchange of the results of various resources studies, Kinmen National Park Headquarters will hold the Kinmen National Park 2019 Conservation Results Presentation Meeting in the First Multimedia Room at Zhongshanlin Visitor Center 9:00-12:10 on June 17 (Wednesday), 2020. The event is limited to 50 participants. Interested people can register online by scanning the QR code or by phone calls (Contact Tel. No.: 082-313177).

Kinmen National Park Headquarters completed six studies in 2019. This event was divided into two sessions. The subjects and contents presented in the first session were: Kinmen’s Avian Diversity Hot spots and Trend Analysis (2/2), it carried out on site survey of Kinmen’s bird resources and integrated the information of past surveys  and citizen scientists records to further confirm the changes in Kinmen’s bird diversity and land use types in Kinmen in the past 20 years, the level of threat to bird species and habitat, bird species distribution model and species diversity hotspots; Survey of the Current Resources Situation of Zhongshanlin in Kinmen National Park and Development Planning (2/2), it surveyed the resources of Zhongshanlin and also considered using Timber stand improvement to adjust the direction of forest management; The Overseas Migrants of Lieyu in Modern Times and their Cultural Dissemination (2/2), this study mainly focused on the overseas migrants of Lieyu, discussing historic processes such as the building of immigrant society, operation of hometown associations and ancestral temples and family immigration memory in Singapore where there is a high concentration of Lieyu migrants and how these migrants gave back and contributed to their home Kinmen in different eras. The study chief investigators were Prof. Ding Zong-su, teacher Wang Li-ping and Prof. Jiang Bo-wei. The second session featured Mobile Survey of Hole Nest Birds of Kinmen and Habitant Building- the Example of Family Alcedinidae Birds (2/2), it surveyed the group situation of Family Alcedinidae birds and, by reproduction monitoring, understood Family Alcedinidae reproduction situation and behavior; 2019 Kinmen National Park Important and Rare Plant Survey Plan, it surveyed the distribution of plants suggested by the Kinmen Plant Taxonomy to give an understanding of the species and changes in distribution; 2019 Kinmen National Park Important Species Monitoring Plan, it gained an understanding of changes in the ecological system in the park through observing the group situation of important indicator flora and fauna. The plan chief investigators were Prof. Yuan Xiao-wei, Prof. Lu Chang-ze and teacher Zhuang Xi-jin.

The Headquarters said that the chief investigators of each study share the results of the previous year’s studies every year through the conservation results presentation meeting. By sharing results and exchanging opinions, the aim is to let people know more about Kinmen’s biodiversity. Everyone is invited to take part in and promote ecological conservation work.