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Kinmen National Park Headquarters signs environmental cleanliness cooperation MOUs with local communities, joining hands to create environmental sustainability

Environmental cleanliness has long been an issue of public concern. The efforts of government departments alone are insufficient. As well as conducting environmental maintenance work every year, Kinmen National Park HQ continues to cooperate with local communities to build good partnerships.

Environmental cleanliness cooperation MOUs were recently signed by representatives of Kinmen National Park HQ and Guningtou Community Development Association, Oucuo Community Development Association, Kinmen County Dexiao Association, Hufeng Community Development Association, Gugang Community Development Association, Qionglin Village Community Development Association, Caicuo Minxiang Community Development Association and the Tennis Committee of Kinmen County Sports Association on January 13, promoting environmental cleanliness cooperation work at Guningtou river mouth, Oucuo Beach, Citi Beach, Cihu Lakeshore, Liangshan Guanzhi Trail, Qionglinyuan Park, Zhongshan Forest Tennis Courts and Caicuo Mountain Climbing Trail.

Kinmen National Park HQ stated “The contents of the MOUs this time includes environmental cleanliness cooperation for beaches and trails near settlements; a sustainable environment will be built through community participation. Finally, we’d like to express gratitude to community development associations, social groups and township offices and county government bureau of environmental protection for their assistance in jointly maintaining Kinmen’s coastal ecology, park greenspace and landscape. We aim to set an example it is hoped will be answered by wider society, to jointly protect the beautiful environment of Kinmen.